WatchTower: Fast, Secure Mobile Page Loads Using Remote Dependency Resolution


R. Netravali, A. Sivaraman, J. Mickens, and H. Balakrishnan, “WatchTower: Fast, Secure Mobile Page Loads Using Remote Dependency Resolution,” in MobiSys, Seoul, South Korea, 2019.


Remote dependency resolution (RDR) is a proxy-driven scheme for reducing mobile page load times; a proxy loads a requested page using a local browser, fetching the page’s resources over fast proxy-origin links instead of a client’s slow last-mile links. In this paper, we describe two fundamental challenges to efficient RDR proxying: the increasing popularity of encrypted HTTPS content, and the fact that, due to time-dependent network conditions and page properties, RDR proxying can actually increase load times. We solve these problems by introducing a new, secure proxying scheme for HTTPS traffic, and by implementing WatchTower, a selective proxying system that uses dynamic models of network conditions and page structures to only enable RDR when it is predicted to help. WatchTower loads pages 21.2%–41.3% faster than state-of-the-art proxies and server push systems, while preserving end-to-end HTTPS security.


Last updated on 11/10/2019